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Tara Paul
JD Affiliate

Tara Paul, JD'14
"As I began the application process, it was important for me to find a school that offered students the chance to work on international law, human rights, and development issues. After reading the Center's website, I was impressed with its work in Burma and Liberia and enthusiastic about the possibility of contributing to research that could be used to truly change lives and end conflict. The prospect of this opportunity inspired me to apply to the Maurer School of Law and it has been an incredibly rewarding experience."

Unique Opportunities

Student Experiences

The CCD administers a unique interdisciplinary Ph.D. program in Law and Democracy that addresses the many ways in which law fosters democratic institutions, political participation, and human rights. This rigorous program requires students to acquire grounding in political science, anthropology, area studies, and law in order to bring multiple perspectives and tools to bear on the challenges of building democracies.

Our J.D. Affiliate Program provides an opportunity for law students to participate in the work of the Center. J.D. affiliates get real-world experience working on constitutional and legal reform projects, the opportunity to publish in the Center’s journal, and sometimes travel with Center personnel on advising trips.

Visiting Scholars

The CCD hosts a seminar on Democracy and Constitutionalism twice each month during the academic year. The speakers in the series address issues in constitutional design and their implications for creating and strengthening democratic institutions in new or fragile democracies. Seminar speakers come from a wide range of countries and disciplines and address a broad range of constitutional issues.


The Center contributes in many important ways to the intellectual community at Indiana University. We partner with several other academic departments such as Political Science, Anthropology, Area Studies, and the School of Global and International Studies, to offer a broad range of courses to graduate students. Our seminars provide an opportunity for interaction by many people around the University with interest in issues related to constitutionalism and democracy.

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