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JD Affiliate Program

The Center for Constitutional Democracy provides several unpaid positions each year for law students to conduct research and carry out projects relating to the Center’s constitutional advising work. The research may include work on human rights, electoral quotas, presidentialism, legal history, state versus customary law, and other topics.

Students must submit applications to be considered for Affiliate positions. Applications open every spring on March 1, and close on April 15. If accepted, the Student Affiliates will actively engage in Center life by serving on a research team, completing an editorial project, performing supervised editorial review duties for the CCD’s journal (the Indiana Journal of Constitutional Design), and attending CCD meetings, speaker seminars, and events. Affiliates will receive 1 academic credit per semester for their work; the time commitment is up to ten hours per week and student affiliates are expected to maintain involvement in the CCD for the duration of their second and third years of law school. Affiliates must also pay an annual membership due of $50.

As CCD Affiliates, students will be given hands-on experience with the legal research necessary for democracy promotion and constitutional design in new and struggling democracies. We have funding to allow some JD affiliates to travel with us to the countries we advise. Such work is a rare opportunity to be involved with reformers around the world and will be a valuable addition to resumés for students interested in careers in democracy promotion.

CCD-Student Affiliates Program Application