CCD Events

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Feb. 19, David Landau, FSU Law
Feb. 25, Jack Bobo, CCD Advisory Board Member, Futurity CEO
Mar. 4, Brady Harman, CCD Alum, NDI
Mar. 11, Aziza Khazzoom, IU SGIS
Mar. 18, Yvonne Tew, Georgetown Law
Apr. 1, Jacob Bielasiak, IU Poli. Sci.
Apr. 8, Dima Kortukov, PhD candidate in IU Poli. Sci. Dept.

CCD Mission


We study, draft and amend constitutions, and work with governments and reformers all over the world to build legal institutions that will allow people to live together in peace.

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Why constitutions? Watch Prof. David Williams explain how constitutions help make fully-realized human lives possible