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Empowerment of Women

A number of studies show a positive correlation between gender equality within a state and the state’s peaceful relations with other states, as well as links between higher levels of gender equality and lower levels of intrastate armed conflict. The importance of women as peacemakers has been officially acknowledged in UN Security Council Resolution 1325, and yet, women are grossly underrepresented in peace processes and constitution drafting, where mostly men sit at negotiating tables. The Center aims to benefit women by raising awareness about the intersection of gender equality and constitutional design, empowering women to have a voice in their constitutional process. We do this in a number of ways.


Center personnel frequently conduct gender forums on constitutional issues relating to women’s rights. We have conducted workshops for various civil society groups and government organizations to discuss the range of constitutional mechanisms available for promoting gender equality and draft sample provisions for proposed constitutional amendments.


In many places, opportunities are beginning to arise for women to sit at the table during peace negotiations and constitutional reform processes. However, women in these places have oftentimes never played this type of role and do not have access to the resources necessary to prepare them for it. Center personnel help to train women to be effective representatives.