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Huong Nguyen
PhD Fellow

Huong Nguyen, '15
"As a member of the Vietnamese democratic movement, I am grateful that a fellowship made it possible for me to join the Center in 2008 to conduct research on constitutionalism in Vietnam and judicial review in new democracies. My study in Bloomington is crucial in preparing myself to better serve my country and the global cause of democracy and human rights."

Opportunities for Students

International Outreach

There are several unique opportunities throughout the year for our IU student affiliates to travel with Center staff and assist with constitutional advising, allowing them to put their academic research to work in the real world in ways that lead to real change. This fieldwork enables IU students to have a global impact, improving the lives of people in many countries.


The CCD administers a unique interdisciplinary Ph.D. program in Law and Democracy that addresses the many ways in which law fosters democratic institutions, political participation, and human rights. This rigorous program requires students to acquire grounding in political science, anthropology, area studies, and law in order to bring multiple perspectives and tools to bear on the challenges of building democracies.

Our J.D. Affiliate Program provides an opportunity for law students to participate in the work of the Center. Organized into country teams, J.D. affiliates get real-world experience working on constitutional and legal reform projects, and sometimes travel with Center personnel on advising trips.


The Center’s academic staff and PhD fellows work continuously to promote and enhance the discipline of constitutional design via scholarship such as research, field work, papers, and conferences. By increasing knowledge about alternatives, outcomes, and new models of constitutional consultation, IU is positioned as a leader in this emerging interdisciplinary field.