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Joint J.D./Ph.D.

The Center for Constitutional Democracy offers a Joint J.D./Ph.D. program, for those students who wish to obtain both degrees simultaneously. The benefit of the combined degree is that up to 30 credit hours taken in the Maurer School of Law will be counted toward fulfillment of both programs. All substantive requirements for both degrees are the same as they are for sole degree students. For further information about the Law and Democracy Ph.D. please click the tab on the left. For more information about the J.D. please visit http://www.law.indiana.edu/.

Admissions and Financial Aid

Students will be admitted to the combined program only if they have been independently accepted to both programs through the normal admissions process.

Combined degree students will have the same eligibility for financial aid toward their law school costs as other, similarly qualified J.D. students.

Credits and Program Structure

Up to 30 credits taken in the Law School will be counted toward fulfillment of both degree programs.

The normal expectation is for a combined degree student to complete the first year of law school, then to divide the remaining years of coursework with 4 semesters registered in the Law School and 3 or 4 semesters registered in the University Graduate School. The academic advisor assigned to each Ph.D. student will work with the student to ensure that the enrollment status works with the classes chosen for that semester to construct a curriculum that meets the requirements of both degrees and, to the extent possible, also reduces costs for the student.

If a student completes all course requirements for the J.D. and does not wish to finish the Ph.D., he or she will be allowed to graduate with the J.D. while withdrawing from the Ph.D. program.

The timing for awarding both degrees follows University policy on combined degree programs, which currently requires that neither degree will be awarded until the requirements for both degrees have been completed.