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Why give to the Center for Constitutional Democracy? Because we address the systemic issues that keep whole communities and nations impoverished and in conflict. We treat the root of the problem.

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Without a reliable and effective government in place, one empowered and regulated by the presence of a strong, enforceable constitution committed to democratic values, there can be no enduring positive change in developing and conflict-torn nations. The CCD’s efforts toward constitutional reform address the persistent issues that perpetuate cyclical problems of systemic poverty, ethnic and religious conflict, and frequent political and/or military upheaval. These issues include the shocking scarcity of women in key decision-making roles during the constitutional design process, a lack of training resources available to help women take on such roles, and the failure to implement constitutional mechanisms that ensure governmental accountability and foster responsible governance.

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Your gift not only supports our advising work, it supports our students - future advocates of constitutional democracy who are going out into the world to continue this work. Hear what some of our students have to say about the CCD experience:

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